Jack Brauer lives in Ouray, Colorado, in the heart of the mighty San Juan Mountains. Though his passion for the mountains long preceded his passion for photography, he has found that photography often provides the motivation to explore places he might not usually hike to, in weather he might not usually prefer to hike in, at times of day that he might usually rather be sleeping. The result is that his photography takes him to spectacular scenes he might not witness otherwise, and hopes to share these scenes with others through his photos and prints.

He makes most of his photographs in remote wilderness areas, usually backpacking for many miles and oftentimes bushwhacking through the woods to explore places where no trails exist. For Brauer, the joy of photography is intertwined with the joy of immersing himself in nature, and the challenges of photography that have been inseparable from the time Brauer first started playing with cameras while he was in college at the Univercsity of Colorado in Boulder, where he graduated with a BA in Fine Arts Printmaking (mostly intaglio, but also lithography, woodcuts, and screenprinting). His work has been published in numerous publications including National Geographic Traveler, Alpinist, Backpacker, Climbing, Cowboys & Indians, Lonely Planet, Sojourns, and Denver’s 5280.